Barking (2)

Whilst in Barking, we went to admire the curious brick folly designed by muf in Barking Town Square to soften the effect of a large new development by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris alongside the 1930s Scandinavian-style town hall.   Muf erected a pure brick folly at the back of the Iceland store to give Barking a sense of its history, which it should have anyway, given that it’s the site of an Anglo- Saxon nunnery founded in 666 by the Bishop of London, with a lunatic asylum attached which apparently gave rise to the phrase ‘Barking mad’:-






2 thoughts on “Barking (2)

  1. Mark Fisher says:

    That is information and perception that Pevsner would never have had. It’s another reason why Chatto should be pushing you to do another London book. Are they? I imagine that East London sold pretty well, and will go on selling for years.

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