Moss (1)

I have now got hold of a copy of please do not touch (and other things you could not do at the design store that changed design) by Murray Moss and his partner, Franklin Getchell.   It’s a funny, fascinating and beautifully illustrated account of Murray’s decision to open a design store on Greene Street in SoHo which disobeyed all the normal rules of retail:  it displayed objects as if they were works of art in a museum;  they were behind glass;  they had provenance,  and you had to be brave, as well as rich, to buy them.   I used to visit whenever I was in New York, admiring the introduction of new designers, the sense of display, and the wonderful impracticality of it.   It makes a good story.


2 thoughts on “Moss (1)

  1. Moss also partnered with Vitsoe to make the 606 shelving range and other products accessible in the US. However, I didn’t see how they displayed them before Vitsoe opened a dedicated showroom in The Armoury TriBeCa.

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