Moss (1)

I have now got hold of a copy of please do not touch (and other things you could not do at the design store that changed design) by Murray Moss and his partner, Franklin Getchell.   It’s a funny, fascinating and beautifully illustrated account of Murray’s decision to open a design store on Greene Street in SoHo which disobeyed all the normal rules of retail:  it displayed objects as if they were works of art in a museum;  they were behind glass;  they had provenance,  and you had to be brave, as well as rich, to buy them.   I used to visit whenever I was in New York, admiring the introduction of new designers, the sense of display, and the wonderful impracticality of it.   It makes a good story.


3 thoughts on “Moss (1)

  1. Moss also partnered with Vitsoe to make the 606 shelving range and other products accessible in the US. However, I didn’t see how they displayed them before Vitsoe opened a dedicated showroom in The Armoury TriBeCa.

  2. Moss introduced Vitsoe to the US market, in LA as well as NY, and sold it very successfully for many years, not stopping until Vitsoe secretly opened their own shop in New York. Not at the Armoury, though, which came years later. No, they chose to open on Bond Street, six blocks from Moss. I guess that also made it easier for them to take our staff. You can read about this in our next book, “Holding A Grudge”.

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