Somerset House

After lunch, I was taken on a tour of the nether regions of Somerset House – the rabbit warren of rooms and corridors underneath Pennethorne’s West Wing which used to be occupied by the recreation facilities of the Inland Revenue, including their snooker room and rifle range, and is now occupied by a myriad of small businesses and start-ups, studios for fashion designers, with technical facilities attached:-








5 thoughts on “Somerset House

  1. Makerversity is a great initiative, and has been a key anchor for London’s ‘maker community’, including long-established SoDA (run by Fiddian Warman) and recent Brunel graduates Tone Product Design Consultants. Other interesting artists/studios in Somerset House include Christian Marclay (, design-oriented forecasters Superflux (, and science interpreting artist (and recent RCA PhD) Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg ( And, of course, it’s home to Julia Hobsbawm’s Editorial Intelligence.

  2. pbmum says:

    We’re big fans in this house of one of the small enterprises housed in Makerversity. The Creative Dimension Trust has tutored our daughter in stoneworking (at the Building Crafts’ College), etching (at the City and Guilds Art School) and hand engraving (at the Goldsmiths’ Centre). Many other youngsters have received similar opportunities – all at no cost to them. It’s a godsend if your child is interested in art and design but their school doesn’t have the facilities that some posh schools have. Plus it enables youngsters to make friends with other young people with arty interests – certainly in our daughter’s case she meets up with another CDT graduates to visit galleries etc. It has been a really positive force in her life.


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