The Knighthood

Since so many people have written to congratulate me, including many readers of the blog, it might seem mildly perverse not to mention that I appeared in yesterday’s honours.   The truth is that the system requires one not to say anything for quite a long time, at least in the age of rapid media, so that I had slightly bottled it up and not told anyone, including Romilly;  and we spent the day in rural mid-Staffordshire, driving through areas of deep farmland in amongst the power stations, visiting churches far away from any newspaper.  But, thank you !  It, and all the messages, are really appreciated.


9 thoughts on “The Knighthood

  1. edward chaney says:

    Caldi Congratulazionies Cavaliere Carlo…. it wasn’t mentioned in my Sunday Male senz’altro, only media Marys, assorted Remainians and ‘humbled’ soccer stars… in yr case however more than merited… xe

  2. Mark Fisher says:

    It was wonderful to see you and Romilly in Dovedale and to be able to congratulate you in person. It really is SPLENDID news and so deserved. It’s good to see that this Government can get SOMETHING right !

  3. So sorry to have missed the hullabaloo —- I was in Washington DC and deepest Virginia (Upperville! ). Somehow this was missed by the Washington Post and the New York Times. Congratulations for a much deserved honour. So reassuring to know that I agree with at least one government edict.

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