Lovelace Courtyard

I have been fascinated by the rapid development and maturing of the Lovelace Courtyard, a slender space between the back of the Pennethorne building and the extra run of studios which were added – it is thought – by Norman Shaw to the north of the Royal Academy Schools.   The space has been landscaped by Peter Wirtz who designed the courtyard to David Chipperfield’s offices in Berlin, a comparably urban space.   He uses the most minimal means:  no more than cobbles, a curving path and grass;  but to great effect, bringing green into the heart of London:- 




3 thoughts on “Lovelace Courtyard

  1. Mark Fisher says:

    It is a delightful space : Chipperfield is au fond a minimalist – less is more than enough. You see it in the Neues Museum, and in the River and Rowing in Henley, and here in the Lecture Theatre.

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