Whitechapel Bell Foundry (5)

The arguments surrounding the development of the Whitechapel Bell Foundry are based on a view that, since the Hughes found it uneconomic to run a bell foundry in Whitechapel, nobody else can do so. But the attached proposal demonstrates that there is a perfectly legitimate alternative, using the spaces for the purposes of an active foundry and employing many of those who used to work there. The only difference is that it would be used to make works of art, not just church bells. It would retain the relevant craft skills in an active working environment, rather than just as a discrete heritage attraction.

I hope that as many people as possible will lend their support to this proposal, which is a way of maintaining the viability and vitality of the Bell Foundry into the future; and resist Tower Hamlets allowing a change of use.

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9 thoughts on “Whitechapel Bell Foundry (5)

  1. When I was at LB Tower Hamlets, the previous owning family could have accessed £M’s of grant funds towards the upkeep and future preservation of foundry if they had been willing to set up a charitable trust alongside the business – but despite a number of meetings it was clear that doing this would restrict the chance one day to sell it all to the highest bidder …

    Very much hope a foundry can remain on site – and that as much as possible of this special place can be preserved

    • Dear Ben, Thank you for this information which confirms a view that they were simply waiting for the best financial offer and did not necessarily have an interest in maintaining a foundry onsite. Charles

  2. marinavaizey says:

    but how can we support? Have you or they sent to Ed, is there a petition, has Factum (?) sent to DCMS ?

    • I think the best thing may be a letter to the planning officer at Tower Hamlets (plus notifying any possibly sympathetic MPs and peers). I will try and get contact details of the planning officer and post them online as soon as I can. Charles

  3. Alison Wilding says:

    Has anyone thought of asking Jerry Hughes who runs AB Foundry for some thoughts on this? Alison

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