Display for Art

I was asked to give a talk in the Old Operating Theatre in Southwark on the interesting topic of whether or not the display of art works best in the traditional white cube of Brian O’Doherty’s Inside the White Cube (1986);  or whether nowadays both artists and the public prefer more historically complex spaces, where some degree of architectural character enhances the aesthetic experience of art.   The first speaker was Paul White of BuckleyGreyYeoman who is busy converting a row of nineteenth-century houses in South Kensington into flexible, multi-occupancy, pop-up galleries.   Marlene Von Carnap spoke about the highly idiosyncratic, grand, nineteenth-century rooms, which have been adapted by Annabelle Selldorf for the Michael Werner Gallery in Upper Brook Street.   And I spoke about the conversion of the old Examination Rooms at the back of Burlington Gardens, which have been adapted into such beautiful top-lit gallery spaces with the ultimate economy of means:-



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