Chalke Valley History Festival

I spent the day at the Chalke Valley History Festival, speaking in the afternoon about the early history of the Royal Academy, which I used to know more about, when I wrote The Company of Artists (I was informed on arrival that it is now out-of-print, although still prominently on sale in the Royal Academy bookshop).   The Festival was originally held in Ebbesbourne Wake, but for the last few years has been held in Broad Chalke – a massive encampment of tents devoted to history re-enactment from Stone Age flint knappers to people selling WWII medical uniform.   I walked up Church Bottom to remind myself of the glories of the Wiltshire Downs:-



And later explored the village:-





3 thoughts on “Chalke Valley History Festival

  1. Susie Blundell says:

    We enjoyed your talk very much and how much fun the academicians seem to have! They say the best club in London is the House of Lords but if I had a choice I would go for the RA. What an idyllic site for the CVHF and how lucky I am to live nearby – despite its size it still has a local feel. You were fortunate – the speaker after you, the Duke of Devonshire (no respect to the aristocracy) had his speech interrupted by canon fire.

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