Christopher Le Brun PRA

We went to the opening of the PRA’s exhibition at Lisson:  big, bold, free painting, with aspects of late Turner and Clyfford Still.

Siren (2016):-


Scene (2017):-



6 thoughts on “Christopher Le Brun PRA

  1. Christopher Le Brun says:

    Dear Charles, Thank you for posting. Actually the second painting is called Scene. Edward Chaney…. Hmm. C

  2. Mark Fisher says:

    Christopher is the best painter as PRA since Leighton. It’s great to have the chance to see them in London.

  3. These paintings look stunning. I vaguely remember writing about works by Christopher Le Brun for the catalog of an exhibition at the Mead Gallery, Warwick University in 1989 (I had to look that up) but, being in the USA, I haven’t followed his work since. Any chance that he might have a show in New York in the foreseeable future?

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