Antony Gormley/Rowan Williams

I have just been to an event at the RA in which Antony Gormley talked to Rowan Williams and vice versa about the spiritual and aesthetic experience of art:  something which most artists and art historians are now wary of discussing; and most theologians don’t necessarily have the interest.   The discussion was centred round some of Gormley’s sculptures, beginning with his work Transport made from iron nails removed from the roof of Canterbury Cathedral and followed by his naked figures disappearing into the horizon on Crosbie Beach.   Then, they discussed the more abstract installations in Gormley’s current exhibition in Kettle’s Yard.   What was impressive was that both were willing to discuss the essential nature and unknowability of deep artistic experience, its abstract symbolism, even when, although seldom, entirely divorced from meaning.


3 thoughts on “Antony Gormley/Rowan Williams

  1. joan says:

    I do hope there is a recording of this for those of us who couldn’t be there and are interested in this subject. As a cradle Catholic steeped in the symbolism of bread (and of an age when there was – briefly – a fashion for using shop bought Mother’s Pride for some ‘folk’ masses rather than convent produced hosts) I found Gormley’s ‘Bed’ very moving when it was on display at the Hayward Gallery some years ago.

  2. Mark Fisher says:

    Like Joan, I’d love to hear that. Both Gormley and Williams are hugely intelligent and interesting. I’ve always wanted to get Antony down to Ledbury for the Poetry Festival, which Rowan Williams came to two or three years ago, in conversation with Marina Warner.

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