Boris Johnson MP

I don’t pay much attention (as readers may have noticed) to current affairs, so did not react when I was told last week that Boris Johnson was about to resign because he needed more money to support his families.   At the time, I thought it was mere scuttlebutt.   But now that he has actually resigned, I wonder.


3 thoughts on “Boris Johnson MP

  1. Mark Fisher says:

    ‘Scuttlebutt’ – a lovely word for some pretty unlovely resignations. Boris Johnson is a clever, well-read but completely superficial politician Too lazy to ever do the hard, detailed work that any of these offices requires.

  2. edward chaney says:

    But it’s surely cos he still wants to become PM (as well as feed his progeny and lay his svelt self down in front of a bulldozer) tho methinx the Rees-Mogg option more likely… At least it’ll finely be a brexiteer…

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