The French Protestant Church

On my way to the party to celebrate the big book about the RA’s collection, my eye was caught by the curious, but attractive carved relief over the entrance to the French Protestant Church in Soho Square.   It is dated 1950, done to celebrate the 400th. anniversary of the establishment of the Huguenots in London, when Edward VI signed letters patent for the foundation of a Strangers’ Church in London.   The church itself was designed by Aston Webb, the carving by J. Prangnelli, who seems to be otherwise undocumented:-



3 thoughts on “The French Protestant Church

  1. There were very many French Protestant Churches in London, including the Threadneedle Street one where all the Spitalfields Silk Weavers attended. Such a shame that none of them still exist.

  2. Mark Fisher says:

    Apart from your own great knowledge of buildings, in London and across the country, the other delightful aspect of this Blog is the remarkable knowledge of those who read it.

    Buzz McCarthy’s knowledge of the French Protestant Church in Threadneedle Street is only the most recent example.

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