Antony Gormley RA

En route to Norfolk for a picnic lunch, we stopped off at Kettle’s Yard to see Antony Gormley’s current exhibition Subject, which makes use of the light spaces of Jamie Fobert’s new exhibition galleries by joining them together at right angles with thin, taut and extremely tensile metal wire which makes one register the quality of the spaces, as if with lines drawn between them.

In Gallery 2, there is a projecting body in cast iron, his own:-


In Gallery 1, a standing figure, prehensile:-


Upstairs, unmentioned in the gallery guide, was a small case of drawings, which help describe the character and quality of the thought process behind the work:-





One thought on “Antony Gormley RA

  1. Mark Fisher says:

    Kettle’s Yard is always essential visiting, but this Gormley exhibition makes it particularly so.

    I haven’t stood down as a Fitzwilliam Trustee yet so I will go to see the Gormley soon.

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