Great Tew (2)

St. Michael, Great Tew is a nearly perfect village church.   One enters opposite the late eighteenth-century vicarage by way of an early seventeenth-century stone gateway:-


Then, one sees it from the south-east walking through the churchyard:-


And from the south:-


Inside, there is a tomb of Mary Anne Boulton by Sir Francis Chantrey:-


And the graveyard is overgrown:-



2 thoughts on “Great Tew (2)

  1. Thomas Ponsonby says:

    It used to have a blacksmith’s forge, complete with all tools, bellows, anvils, hammers – enough for a performance of Wagner; & an estate carpenter’s shop, complete with all tools – adzes, spokeshaves, files, planes, hand drills, – and I always wondered what happened to them after the estate was sold.

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