Venice (1)

If London is hot, Venice is even hotter. I wandered back from the Arsenale through the northern parishes, as far away as possible from St. Mark’s, past the entrance to the Arsenale itself, the Porta Magna, thought to have been built from a design by Jacopo Bellini:-

Then to S. Francesco della Vigna.

Past the Liceo Scientifico, previously the church of S. Giustina, designed by Longhena in 1636, suppressed as a convent in 1810, and converted into a school in 1928:-

A Palazzo on the south side of the Campo S. Giustina:-

The Chiesa dell’Ospedaletto, which I’ve seen and photographed before, but love the over-the-top sculpture of the facade, also designed by Longhena:-

Two good sculptures in the street just before you get to S. Giovanni e Paolo:-

And then S. Giovanni e Paolo itself:-

And the facade of the Scuola Grande di S. Marco:-


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