The Announcement

Just in case any of my loyal readers haven’t already heard, the attached news item had 279,000 readers:-

I had forgotten about Bicester village.   It’s funny what one is remembered for.


10 thoughts on “The Announcement

  1. says:

    Poleaxed as I am by the statement what worries me is the fate of the the Blog. Will it continue?

  2. Dear Charles, You surprise us all again, and start a brand new direction! Congratulations on the great achievements of your RA years, and much, much great good luck in your future, undoubtedly exciting and fulfilling new challenges! with greatest affection, Lilly

  3. joan says:

    Congratulations. Enjoyed the Abdoulaye Konate exhibition at Blain/Southern in 2016. The fact that I was emboldened to enter the gallery (unlike many private galleries which are just too scary) says something about the welcoming nature of the place. Would think that alone would make it a good fit for you. Best wishes, Joan

  4. Blain|Southern put on a wonderful show at Art Night with Bosco Sodi’s ‘Muro’ installation outside the National Theatre, allowing people to dismantle the wall and take a brick home ( Someone at the gallery told me there would be a Mat Collishaw ( show later this year, which is very exciting. His ‘Thresholds’ installation at Somerset House ( last year was wonderful.

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