I have always been fascinated by Bodorgan, a house which stands prominent on the Malltreath Estuary, but is very severely secret, closely guarded from all forms of public access by the fierceness of its gamekeepers.

The house was apparently designed by Samuel Cooper, who moved to Beaumaris in 1776 and worked as assistant and clerk of works to Samuel Wyatt at Baron Hill, the other big house on the island. After finishing work at Bodorgan in 1783, he drew up designs for Plas Newydd.

I had been told that one gets a good view of the house from the footpath on the other side of the estuary. This is not strictly true. There is a gap in the trees from which one gets a very distant view of the garden façade and the boathouse on the shore below, but this view leaves one not much the wiser as to the character of the house (and this is taken with the nearest I have to a telephoto lens):-


But at least we had a nice walk through the woods:-



And got a good view of the estuary itself:-



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