Colin Amery

The sad news of the death of Colin Amery has reached Anglesey.   I liked and admired him.   He was a key figure in the early days of the Spitalfields Trust, in the picture behind the gate in the sit-in at Spital Square and tall and bespectacled when a group went to protest at the offices of British Land and co-author with Dan Cruickshank of The Rape of Britain in 1975.   Then he was important also in the Lutyens revival, involved with Gavin Stamp in the exhibition at the Hayward Gallery held in 1981.   He was recruited – I assume by Jacob Rothschild – to advise the Trustees of the National Gallery on the choice of an architect for the Sainsbury Wing and he helped to organise the trip to America to look at the work of American architects.   He wrote the book on the Sainsbury Wing.   But his architectural tastes were broad.   He advised Sainsburys on their choice of architects, which included Grimshaw’s in Camden Town and Dixon Jones outside Plymouth.   How significant was he as an advisor to the Prince of Wales ?  We may never know.


2 thoughts on “Colin Amery

  1. Joanna Cruddas says:

    I saw this. I also thought perhaps putting it In the Times pr Twitter was much the same!
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  2. Mark Fisher says:

    That is very sad. He was a remarkable man. He knew and cared about interesting architecture, and persuaded me that Strawberry Hill was worth looking at.

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