We walked along the Malltreath Cob, completed in 1812 as part of a project to reclaim the Malltreath Marsh from the tide, straightening the River Cefni as a canal all the way to Llangefni. This was where Charles Tunnicliffe RA lived in a house called Shorelands, moving there from Manchester in 1947, with its fine views of remote marshes and seabirds:-



One thought on “Malltreath

  1. Mark Fisher says:

    Charles Tunnicliffe was a very competent artist, a friend of Eric Ravilious, and a good engraver. He loved Anglesey with its dunes, saltmarshes and estuaries, and its wealth of birdlife – curlews, plover, puffins and gulls. He drew them all and his drawings and watercolours are now in Oriel Yns Mon.

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