Richard MacCormac

Richard MacCormac would have been 80 today, had he not died four years ago in July.   Members of his surviving practice, MJP, and old friends assembled in what may have been one of his drinking establishments in Artillery Passage, not far from where his office was established in the eastern part of Spitalfields in 1981 in Heneage Street, where he met and fell for his neighbour, Jocasta Innes, and bought the house next door.   His work is being reappraised in a conference next week and part of this reappraisal will need to pay attention to his involvement with the Spitalfields Trust, his interest in boats, and his appetite for the interpretation of history.


2 thoughts on “Richard MacCormac

  1. Mark Fisher says:

    What a man, and what an architect, he was ! Cable and Wireless, and the Chapel at Churchill College, are splendid buildings.

    He was so kind and generous, with his time and advice, to me in there 1980s as we struggled to produce an Architectural policy for when we eventually returned to Government.

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