Christ Church, Spitalfields

It’s so rare that Christ Church, Spitalfields is open when I’m in the neighbourhood that I braved their five o’clock service to remind myself of its interior, till recently a noble ruin, now a touch over-restored and with purple fluorescent lighting.   But I had forgotten that it contains – very appropriately – a monument to Jim Stirling (designed by Celia Scott):-






One thought on “Christ Church, Spitalfields

  1. It is a wonderful memorial to Sir James Stirling. I do love his design for the Clore Gallery, Tate Britain incorporated into the memorial. The small upper semi circular window a direct quote of one of Hawksmoor’s windows on the steeple of St George’s in the East. Hawksmoor was Jim’s hero ..and I would be happy to rest in peace in Christchurch myself!

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