Denise Scott Brown (2)

Following my post yesterday about Denise Scott Brown and her article ‘Room at the Top ? Sexism and the Star System in Architecture’, written in 1975 and not published till 1989, I have been trying to find out more about her career, separately from the work she did jointly with her husband, Bob Venturi, after they met at Penn in 1960.   I had not realised that she worked under Frederick Gibberd in the early 1950s when she arrived in London from South Africa, before studying at the AA.   It was in London that she first became interested in popular culture:  ‘As a continuing industrial romantic – one now nostalgic and, after Vietnam, sadder and wiser about technology – I continued to photograph pylons, bridges, pumps, freeways, and juxtapositions of these.  But by the 1950s I was surveying, as well, the shocking things of popular culture, advertising and communication’.   So, Learning from Las Vegas owes its origins to the proto-pop culture of the mid-1950s and This is Tomorrow.


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