Nicholas Grimshaw PPRA (2)

I realised in writing about the award of the RIBA Gold Medal to Nick Grimshaw how little I knew about his work before his great Printing Works opened on the East India Dock Road in 1988, with the huge presses of the Financial Times visible as one drove past in the night.   The reason, I realise, is that much of it is outside London, out-of-town factories and corporate headquarters, done with a fine attention to materials, detail and engineering, much of it when he was working, so improbably, in partnership with Terry Farrell:  a warehouse for Citroën in Runnymede done in 1972;  the Headquarters for Editions Van de Velde in Tours in France, completed in 1975;  the Herman Miller factory in Bath (1976), now being turned into a design school for Bath Spa University;  factory units in Warrington (1978);  headquarters for BMW in Bracknell (1980) (this was the year the partnership split);  a factory in Nottingham (1980);  a Sports Hall for IBM (1980);  a factory for Vitra in Weil-am-Rhein (1981);  Wiltshire Radio Station (1982);  the Herman Miller Distribution Centre (1982);  the Oxford Ice Rink (1984).   It’s a big body of work, but without any of the very high profile projects which brought earlier fame and the Gold Medal to Norman Foster, who won it in 1983, and Michael and Patty Hopkins in 1994.



2 thoughts on “Nicholas Grimshaw PPRA (2)

  1. Tim Sayer says:

    His Sainsbury’s store in Camden Town hasn’t stood the test of time. Admittedly,
    the building has been poorly maintained, but the design looks lumbering and unfinished.
    I preferred the ABC bakery that used to be there.

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