Post-war Stepney

Every so often I get a glimpse of what post-war Stepney was supposed to be, not the planners’ wasteland lamented by Ian Nairn, but carefully considered yellow brick, low rise and green, as in the Cleveland Estate, named after the Earl of Cleveland who owned the estate up until 1720 and tucked behind the chapel at the end of the almshouses on Trinity Green.   I had never walked through until this morning;  it has an unexpectedly arcadian sense of privacy, helped by the allotments in its middle:-




3 thoughts on “Post-war Stepney

  1. It is a nice estate, if somewhat neglected, and the back of the Trinity Green chapel adds a lot of charm. Your picture shows a low-rise building on Wyllen Close but behind that is Gouldman House on Cephas Street, which breaks the typology. That said, it’s a good design, seen elsewhere in Stepney and Bethnal Green. Have you found the old Toby Club on Vawdrey Close (, which may have or may still be used for Tower Hamlets’ mediation service, and now sports the livery of the Metropolitan Police?

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