Ibirapuera Park

My last post as if from São Paulo (actually, I’m back) is of the Ibirapuera Park in the south-west of the city, which they consider as their equivalent of Central Park, but it’s not that central, or of Hyde Park, but it’s not that rural.   It was opened in 1954 in a period of what must have been great post-war prosperity and liberal optimism, with their version of the Museum of Modern Art opened in 1948 and the bienal in 1951 (both were founded by Ciccillo Matarazzo).   The park is full of pavilions by Niemeyer.   Not just the Bienal pavilion:-


But also, the Oca Ibirapuera:-


The Pavilhão das Culturas Brasilieras, which hosted the Bienal in 1953:-



And the very impressive Museu Afro Brasil, which fills the Manoel da Nóbrega Pavilion, originally opened in 1959:-



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