I had been told that a new bakery had opened under the railway arches off Vallance Road, so I went to investigate.   The railway arches are themselves under threat after being sold off by Network Rail which is perhaps what allows small entrepreneurial businesses to flourish – at least for the time being.   The sourdough bread (or Breid as it is apparently known in Scotland) is delicious:-




5 thoughts on “Breid

  1. Breid is a great addition to the bakeries in the area (Rinkoff, St John, E5) and the sourdough and rye breads are very nice. They also make some cake-type bakery, and are experimenting with other breads such as ciabatta. They serve coffee too, and are working on a breakfast offering. It’s interesting talking to the bakers about bread chemistry and proving. Mark: You can buy their bread at a number of East London outlets (see, including The Green Truffle deli at the west end of Roman Road. Charles: It will be interesting to see which businesses lease the renovated arches at the Three Colts Lane end of that stretch, and those on Malcolm Place at the bottom of Bethnal Green Gardens, where the leases expired over a year ago.

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