Gavin Stamp

I have been going through the sale catalogue of one part only of Gavin Stamp’s architectural library, which has been issued by Janette Ray, an architectural book dealer in York (other parts of the library has been cherry picked by friends or issued by other booksellers).   His books demonstrate the astonishing range of his architectural taste – not just ample Victoriana and books about Alexander Thomson, war memorials and Lutyens, as are to be expected, but collecting in depth on design, early photography, India, railway stations, and Plečnik.   It is also a reminder of how much he himself wrote, including an article on St. Martin’s Church, Delhi in the Architectural Review, which he bound and inscribed ‘To Mum and Dad’, a book on early photographs of London, countless talks and contributions to exhibitions, and his book on power stations, as illustrated by Glynn Boyd Harte (luckily, I already own it). A great man.


One thought on “Gavin Stamp

  1. Mark Fisher says:

    He was a protege of Colin McWilliam, which is how I got to know him. In addition to the above, he knew a great deal about contemporary architecture. He reviewed A NEW LONDON, the book I wrote with Richard Rogers, and also my MUSEUMS AND GALLERIES book.

    He was a completely delightful man, and will be a real loss.

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