Fen Ditton Gallery

I should have said a bit more about the Fen Ditton Gallery, but the sun went in as soon as we arrived and I was too busy buying Christmas presents to take any photographs. The gallery occupies the ground floor of the old School House half way down the village which is a long way out from the centre of Cambridge through the straggling suburbs, but can apparently be reached by ferry from Jesus Lock in the summer. It’s a vastly much more sophisticated display than might be expected from a local craft shop because the selection has been made by Amanda Game, who for many years used to select the crafts at the Scottish Gallery before striking out as an independent curator. The current display includes glass by Toord Boontje, small silver spoons by Simone von Tempel, normally only seen in Collect and Gallery So in Brick Lane, ceramics by Clive Bowen, and books about the Fens by Paul Hart (and more, but their website doesn’t list the makers, only showing photographs).

This is a conceptual spoon by Simone von Tempel bought by Romilly:-



4 thoughts on “Fen Ditton Gallery

  1. Leslie Hills says:

    I went regularly to Fen Ditton in the 70s and drank ale in the front parlour at Green End and swam, in traditional style, in a cut with a dapper gent who turned out to be Francis Crick. And of course the sun always shone

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