I took slightly longer than usual to get into work today because I became unexpectedly engrossed in my old school magazine, which, since it happened fifty years ago, is devoted to the advent of co-education at Marlborough College.   The girls were described as ‘the icing on the cake’.   ‘This school is a boys’ school and will remain a boys’ school, but it will be a better boys’ school for having a few girls in it’.   The attitudes towards co-education were, in retrospect, antediluvian, but it was at least a small step in the right direction.   Fifteen girls arrived amongst 800 boys.   I was at a disadvantage being small, stunted and scrofulous.   It was September 1968.


2 thoughts on “Co-education

  1. Some School Magazines are indeed fascinating Sherborne Girls’ School is another example. In it Old Girls write from every part of the world describing how they have opened a new school/mission/hospital etc in a remote corner.

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