Happy Christmas

I am writing to wish my readers a Happy Christmas!

I have been asked if I plan to continue my blog in my new life. The answer is yes. It has become a little bit more intermittent, only because it has had to become less architectural as I have run out of things to document on my journey from Stepney into Piccadilly and the move to Hanover Square is not going to change my working environment very radically.

The New Year approaches. Will Theresa May fall on her sword if, as still seems probable, she loses the vote for her version of exit ? Or will she win by a narrow margin as MPs face the worse prospect of crashing out of the Union without a deal in place ?

I certainly don’t remember eating turkey with so little confidence in what the future holds.


7 thoughts on “Happy Christmas

  1. The continuation of the Blog will come as a relief to your devoted readers. Hurray !

    But surely there are still urban things for you to write about ?

    That will make it a Happy New Yesr indeed !

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