The New Year

Thinking about last year has had the salutary effect of making me a bit more optimistic about the New Year:-

• I’ve got a new job which I’m looking forward to.

• There’s a new deli next door (Nathalie’s).

• I’ve joined a gym (like many other people’s New Year’s Resolutions).

• Tim Barringer is giving this year’s Mellon Lectures at the National Gallery.

• Viola Michelangelo opens at the RA in late January.

• There will be a new person to replace me at the RA in February.

• We may finally know what we’re doing (or not) about Brexit by March.

• In April, Sean Scully is showing new work in the National Gallery.

• Otto Saumarez Smith’s Boom Cities will be published by Oxford University Press on April 4.

• Romilly Saumarez Smith has an exhibition of her work opening at the Harley Gallery on April 6.

• In May, we’re going to stay in the Secular Retreat, Peter Zumthor’s house for Living Architecture in Devon.

• In the autumn, Tate Britain is doing a Blake exhibition, while the RA does Antony Gormley.

• Crossrail may open, making it possible to get from Whitechapel to Oxford Circus in eight minutes.

Much to look forward to….


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