John Wonnacott

I spent most of the day with John Wonnacott, a painter I much admire and whose landscape paintings are going to be the subject of an exhibition at the Focal Point Gallery in Southend-on-Sea, opening on May 4th.

This is him in his studio (it looks like one of his paintings because he uses wide angle perspective and often paints the view out to sea):-

This is a recent Self-portrait:-

And an older Self-portrait:-

This is the view out to sea:-

This is lunch because he thinks my blog is obsessed by food:-

And this is a painting which I like and he doesn’t which I hope he’ll include in the exhibition:-


2 thoughts on “John Wonnacott

  1. Pam Roberts says:

    I love his work although not very familiar with it. And his self-portraits are unsparing & honest but, also, a tad romantic. Sea glimpsed througj studio always a magical image.

  2. I’m also an admirer of Wonnacott’s painting and excited to catch a glimpse of recent work here. His close observation and rigorous drawing are as unsparing as Freud but with added bonhomie and less Chemnitz White. Mystery to me why he isn’t an RA and why for someone who used to show regularly in the West End his next exhibition should be out in Southend. Although I accept that the setting is highly appropriate for the landscapes. Incidentally I tend to agree with Wonnacott about the last landscape – interesting to see if it gets into the show.

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