The Favourite

We went to see The Favourite, a curious and fantastical, updated dramatization of the historical moment when Sarah Churchill’s intense psychological relationship with Queen Anne was supplanted by that of Abigail Hill and the Tories. So how historical was it ? In some ways, very, in that it represented the manoeuvres in Queen Anne’s court, so far as I know, quite accurately (historical advisor: Dr. Hannah Greig), but in most ways, not at all, owing more to the extreme and ostentatious fictionalisation of The Draughtsman’s Contract than it did to Jonathan Swift and Lord Macaulay. But not the less enjoyable for all that, with a brilliant, childish and manipulative performance by Olivia Colman as Queen Anne. The house is Hatfield, but looked much bigger than it does in reality, and maybe too Jacobean for the court of Queen Anne.


3 thoughts on “The Favourite

  1. Leslie Tobin Bacon says:

    particularly loved the dance sequence — part Pulp Fiction, part John Travolta, Grease, part Dirty Dancing. Oh, yes, and the sex…..

  2. Pam Roberts says:

    I loved the film & the 3 lead performances were terrific but am a huge fan of director Yorgos Lanthimos’s surreal & eclectic vision. Some of it was filmed at Hampton Court where Anne actually lived for some time.

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