Romilly Saumarez Smith

For those who have access to today’s Financial Times (and those who don’t), I strongly recommend an article in the weekend supplement Life & Arts, which this weekend is a Special Edition ‘Inside the Mind’. The article is about the way that Romilly works as a jeweller with three collaborators, who she calls translators: how she designs very elaborate and complex works in her head and then describes what is required not through drawing, which she is unable to do, but through precise, but esoteric, verbal description, a highly developed personal shorthand. It’s on page 6, next to Donatella Versace and Catherine Deneuve.


7 thoughts on “Romilly Saumarez Smith

  1. Richard Bram says:

    and a fine article it is, too. Romilly’s work is always stunning, and continues to change and evolve over time. Her dedication to giving proper credit to her collaborators is as admirable as it is unusual in these times.

  2. says:

    A delightful article. I feel though that Romilly is more likely to have been inspired by Arthur Rackham than Arthur Rankin who according to Wikipedia made the animated film of the Hobbit.

  3. joan says:

    Happened to read the article this weekend while in Birmingham and quite by chance visiting the exhibition of the Staffordshire Hoard at the Birmingham Art Gallery. I must admit to knowing little of the world of metal detecting outside of the very funny and poignant BBC comedy series Detectorists but the thought that their pursuit can end up giving life to such beautiful jewellery is a rather life enhancing one.

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