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For those of you who see a photograph of me above my blog posts, you will notice they have changed. For a long while, I have enjoyed being able to show a series of informal photographs taken by Maryam Eisler for her book Voices: East London, published in 2017. But they were very summery and informal, taken in Stepney. They have been replaced for the New Year (and the new job) by three very formal photographs taken by Clare Hewitt for Apollo and three marginally less formal ones taken in the home of José Olympio da Veiga Pereira in São Paulo by Greg Salibian for an article in the Folha de S. Paulo.


2 thoughts on “Blog pics

  1. And one was in the lost and much lamented Foxcroft & Ginger, which closed soon after. Perhaps Dept W will host an equally bohemian cafe and eatery. Perhaps. Genesis has become my default itinerant workplace since.

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