The Morning Walk (2)

As well as worrying about the state of the nation, I also took some photographs in the cemetery in St. Dunstan’s, Stepney:-

A tombstone in the Stepney Meeting House Burial Ground in White Horse Road:-

Under the railway arch in Chaseley Street:-

And the old warehouse next door:-

The Novo Cemetery:-

The library and archives in Bancroft Road:-

Samuel Barnett’s dwellings in Globe Road:-

And fresh eggs straight from the farm in the weekly Victoria Park farmers’ market, alongside German cakes, cheese from Normandy and bread baked by Syrian refugees (enjoy it while you can):-


5 thoughts on “The Morning Walk (2)

  1. Karen Ziegler Smith says:

    Discovered recently that part of Marks family is Sephardi and relatives were buried there . It’s one of the oldest Jewish cemetery’s in the Uk , have never visited .

  2. terrible only just seen this reply a over a year later as I finally am finishing the documentation to send to the Sephardi community in the UK. Thank you for your reccomendation of Anti Museum which I am reading at the moment. I found it particularly fascinating as I have just finished the biography of Marcia Tucker , founder of the New Museum and also recently finished a short course on critical pedagogy in contested spaces at the Tate.

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