David Adjaye

I was pleased to have a chance to see the David Adjaye exhibition Making Memory properly, particularly in the light of Rowan Moore’s denunciation of his scheme for a UK holocaust memorial in yesterday’s Observer.

First is the Gwangju Reading Room, an amazing free concrete structure, designed to commemorate the students killed in a pro-democracy uprising in May 1980:-

Next, the Smithsonian Museum of African-American History and Culture (opened 2016):-

I don’t really agree with Rowan Moore’s criticism of the Holocaust Memorial because I’ve always found Victoria Gardens, which I walk through often, bleak and nondescript:-

Finally (or nearly finally) Adjaye is at work on a National Cathedral of Ghana:-


2 thoughts on “David Adjaye

  1. So pleased to see these; I happily lived in Ghana as a girl and plan to travel there later this year. The Holocaust Memorial and your other posts looks absolutely amazing. On my to-visit list. -Monika

  2. Tony Valsamidis says:

    Not a fan of Adjaye – I dislike his Whitechapel Idea Store, given a scandalously inaccurate portrayal in the New Yorker a while ago.

    I thought Rowan’s point about the flawed brief for the memorial was valid.

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