Edward Thomas Stevens

There was a fine photograph of Edward Thomas Stevens in the Salisbury Museum. He is described as ‘the first Honorary Curator of the Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum and Blackmore Museum’:-

This pricked my interest, even more so when in the next room, I saw a picture of William Blackmore, Stevens’s brother-in-law, who was the founder of the Blackmore Museum:-

Blackmore was a solicitor, whose family were drapers in Salisbury. He moved to Liverpool and then London, where he made a fortune through land speculation and providing venture capital in the United States. In 1863, he visited the States and became fascinated by the ‘Red Man’, buying an extensive collection of Native American archaeological remains for which he constructed his own museum in St. Ann Street, and commissioning photographers to document Native Americans:-

It was closed in 1929 and the collections distributed between the Smithsonian, Birmingham and the British Museum.


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