Eileen Hogan

We were sent a copy of the catalogue of Eileen Hogan’s exhibition Personal Geographies at Yale Center for British Art in May. It includes a reproduction of the middle portrait of the triptych Eileen did of Romilly SS between March 10 and April 17, 2010 (the catalogue information is wonderfully precise) in oil, wax and charcoal on medium, rough, white paper mounted on board. I reproduce it, partly in celebration of the book and forthcoming exhibition, which together will be a meticulous record of Eileen’s work as a portrait painter (occasional), but more as a topographical painter recording the secret gardens of London with passionate visual intensity; and, also, because I discovered last night that Yale Center for British Art allows anyone to reproduce any work in their collection, providing it is out of copyright (ie more than 70 years old), without fear of the copyright police, in the interests of free scholarly knowledge and investigation of their collections:-


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