La Piscine

I have been to the Musée d’Art at d’Industrie de la Ville de Roubaix at least once before, housed in the old municipal swimming pool, opened by Jean-Baptiste LeBas, the socialist mayor:-

The pool closed in 1985 and re-opened in 2000 as a museum, redesigned by Jean-Paul Philippon, who was one of the architects who worked on the Gare d’Orsay. It has a very nicely casual feel to it, born of the fact that the collection was originally planned as a source of inspiration to the local textile workers, housed in the local National High School, and that the building was not purpose-built, but is the conversion of a local civic amenity, full of good nineteenth-century sculpture, textile sample books and daylight:-

This is the reconstruction of the Atelier of Henri Bouchard, a beaux arts sculptor who was discredited by accepting an invitation from Goebbels to visit Germany:-


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