Hong Kong Art Fair (1)

I got into trouble at home for not taking any photographs in Maastricht, so to compensate, here goes as I go along.

There’s a very beautiful Chiharu Shiota at the entrance to the Fair:-

An Ego Schiele drawing of a Seated Boy (1910) with Luxembourg & Dayan:-

More Schieles with Richard Nagy.

Two Girls (1912):-

Two more – or are they the same (1911) ?

A Self Portrait (1915):-

Balthus is at the fair.

A Study for Le Salon (1940) with Luxembourg & Dayan:-

And The Three Sisters (1954) with Acquavella:-

I’ve always liked the very refined work of Callum Innes, mostly only seen in Edinburgh. This is Exposed Painting Deep Violet (2015):-

Then I was encouraged (I didn’t need much encouragement) to travel to the moon, courtesy of Laurie Anderson, which was artist-in-residence at NASA and Huang Hsin Chien, a Taiwanese, working together for the Louisiana Museum – a VR experience beyond anything I’ve experienced before. Scary.


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