Great Yarmouth (2)

After lunch (The Courtyard – highly recommended), we walked down to the sea front.Past the old Wax Museum:-

The old Regent Cinema (1914):-

To Britannia Pier, much rebuilt:-

We wanted to get into the Hippodrome (1903), but couldn’t:-

Wilkins of the National Gallery designed a grand commemorative monument to Admiral Nelson in 1817, long before Trafalgar Square. I knew lots of such grandiose designs were exhibited at the RA, but not that this was completed:-

Then on to St. Nicholas’s Hospital, another monument to the Napoleonic Wars, designed by William Pilkington:-

Last stop the Winter Garden, re-erected from Torquay:-

What a great city !


2 thoughts on “Great Yarmouth (2)

  1. Thomas Ponsonby says:

    How delightful it all looks and how much interesting architecture I missed when going to the circus 3 years ago in the Hippodrome (Frank Matcham) where the stage was flooded for the second half (intentionally: the machinery is still in working order).

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