Vaynol Park (1)

I googled to find out where the nearest bluebell wood might be. It turns out that a large chunk of Vaynol Park, which I always thought was strictly private (it is surrounded by a massive park wall), was given or sold to the National Trust and is now looked after by the Woodland Trust.

We started across fields full of oaks and lambs:-

Through a gate and down a woodland track:-

We arrived at a perfect bluebell wood:-

Not just bluebells, but wood anemones:-

Acres of wild garlic:-

And what I think was an early purple orchid (but I am happy to be corrected):-


3 thoughts on “Vaynol Park (1)

  1. joan says:

    Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park was also full of wild garlic yesterday. Its wonderful pungent smell followed us round on our walk.

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