Historic England

While I am on the subject of twitter, I happened to come across a request from Historic England North West for responses to what is described as a ‘Tailored Review of Historic England’, which they describe as ‘easy to complete’.

Since I have reservations about the requirement of Historic England to increase its revenue by providing planning advice to developers, thereby diminishing its ability to act as an independent arbiter when it comes to providing historical and other advice to local planning authorities – an obvious conflict of interest – I thought I would fill up the form.

Far from being easy to complete, it requires a great deal of technical knowledge of Historic England’s statutory responsibilities and, instead of encouraging lay response, it is phrased in a way which reduces independent comment and, through a system of multiple choice questions, encourages the devolution of statutory responsibilities.

I would provide a link to the form, but it is not easy to do this and comments have to submitted by May 9th. Instead, you can respond directly to albteam@culture.gov.uk.


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