S. Giorgio degli Schiavoni

I discovered by chance that S. Giorgio degli Schiavoni was open over lunch, contrary to what I had read in the guidebooks, so I was able to enjoy it on my own, not having been back to it in many moons.

It makes the greatest possible impact because of the sense that the cycle of paintings which Carpaccio painted between 1502 and 1507 survives intact in a good state of preservation in situ in the oratory underneath the main church, although I remembered from Links that this is not strictly true because they were originally painted for an upper hall and only installed here in 1552 fifty years after they were painted.

St George killing the dragon:-

The Triumph of St. George:-

St. George baptising the Gentiles:-

The miracle of St. Tryphone (or, as Links calls it St. Tryphonius subduing the basilisk):-

St. Jerome leads the Lion into the Convent:-

The Death of St. Jerome:-

The Vision of St. Augustine:-


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