Venice (1)

Since nothing in the Biennale seems to open till tomorrow, I took myself off on a walking tour of Castello, having previously kept to the peripheries, starting with S. Zaccaria (see separate post).

Then, exploring the hinterland.

S. Giorgio dei Greci, with its beautifully peaceful courtyard, as if private:-

Next door is the Scuola della Confraternita dei Greci by Longhena:-

The facade of the Scuola di S. Giorgio degli Schiavoni:-

Then up rougher streets towards S. Francesco della Vigna:-

The façade of S. Francesco by Palladio, but which nobody seems to much admire:-

And its interior:-

In walking south down the Calle dei Scudi, a nice Ruskinian set of windows:-

And a head which I had spotted on the nearby canal:-

The façade of the Scuola de San Giovanni Battista in Campo Bandiera e Moro:-

And the font in S. Giovanni in Bragora:-

The view through to the campanile of S. Giorgio Maggiore:-

And, last, before my legs collapsed, the fenestration of the Palazzo Priuli:-


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