Tim Yip

I had half forgotten that Tim Yip, a Chinese artist, set designer and film director (he was art director of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) was coming to the house in connection with a feature film he is making about the magical creativity of East London. I was asked to act in the role of a Professor – not impossible – explaining some of the characteristics of East London. I find it easy to talk about the history of East London, much harder to explain why it has been such a centre of creativity in recent decades, other than cheap rents, the role of the Whitechapel, and a community of artists.

Here we are discussing that to say:-


3 thoughts on “Tim Yip

  1. joan says:

    Surely part of the attraction of East London to artists is a desire for the gritty and the authentic – whatever that means. People ascribe all sorts of values to the area loosely described as the East End, and its residents. Often its a very partial view – my grandad, for example, was the sort of man who could easily attract the attentions of those who are romantic about the East End’s rough and tumble. When he died – about twenty five years ago – he was a 100 year old covered in tattoos (from his years in the navy) with a long history of street trading (first live birds and then ‘mended’ electrical goods) on Club Row. But he was also a wife beater – I remember my nan’s bruises.

    Talking of gritty and authentic (but in this case owned by a great artist with the most enormous talent) I see that in the current edition of the Radio Times Harry Hill says that the best thing he has seen on TV recently is the documentary about Sean Scully – a programme that surely should be prescribed on the National Health for those in the doldrums!

    I look forward to seeing Tim Yip’s film.

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