Kunsthaus Zürich

For some reason I have never been in the Kunsthaus in Zürich – indeed, I have scarcely been in Zürich at all. The bulk of the collection is housed in a 1910 Secessionist building on one of the main squares, pending the completion of a big new building on the other side of the square designed by David Chipperfield and due to open next year.

The collection is choice, all the better for not being familiar.

It includes late medieval sculpture – a 1480 altarpiece:-

A very beautiful Landscape with St. Jerome by Joachim Patinir:-

A Self portrait by Pieter Coecke van Aelst:-

And A Portrait of a Young Man by the Master of the Ursula Legend:-

A portrait by Terborch:-

A portrait of Winckelmann by Angelica Kauffmann, painted in Rome in 1764, just before she moved to London:-

A whole room of Füssli, more esteemed in Zürich, where he was born and educated than in London where he settled in 1779 and was an inspirational Keeper of the RA.

His Three Witches (1783), presumably for the Shakespeare Gallery:-

Solitude at Dawn (1794/6):-

The Ladies of Hastings (1798):-

An amazing Self portrait of Hodler as a student:-

And later in his life:-

He’s an amazing painter. This is his Portrait of Louise-Delphine Duchosal (1885):-

And his Portrait of Augustine Dupin and Hector (1888):-

There are very elaborately decorated Secessionist rooms:-

A late Henry Moore (1975/7):-

Then, the bell sounded for closing time.


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