Early Picasso

I took a break from the Art Fair in order to see The Young Picasso: Blue and Rose Periods at the Fondation Beyeler, which brilliantly illuminates Picasso’s development as an artist from 1900 when he first visits Paris with his friend Carles Casagemas through 1901, when Casegemas commits suicide in a Paris café and his work is first shown in June by Ambroise Vollard, 1902 when he goes back to Barcelona, 1903 when he paints La Vie, 1904 when he meets Fernande Olivier and Guillaume Apollinaire, 1905 when he meets the Steins, to 1906, when he meets Matisse for the first time and Vollard buys everything in the studio.

There are some amazing loans from private and, particularly, American public collections.

I don’t ever remember seeing La Vie, painted in Barcelona in May 1903, from Cleveland:-

Or the Head of a Harlequin (1905) from Detroit:-

The Acrobat and Young Harlequin (1905) comes from a private collection:-

The Two Brothers (1906) belongs to Basel:-

He was still only 25.


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