William Kentridge

I have been to the William Kentridge exhibition at the Kunstmuseum twice today: once because I made the mistake of thinking that it could be visited casually; a second time because I found its scale and content overwhelming, so full of the politics of content, drawing, music, tough imagery, it needs time to ingest. I know everyone else already knows this.

Upstairs is a display devoted, very appropriately, to Erasmus (he’s buried in the Cathedral):-

The top floor has a performance, More Sweetly Play the Dance, which is overwhelming.


2 thoughts on “William Kentridge

  1. Richard Bram says:

    “More Sweetly Plays the Dance” is the piece we were describing to you after being, as you aptly put it, overwhelmed after seeing it in Oaxaca last year.

  2. joan says:

    Another person overwhelmed by Kentridge here. Firstly at his Whitechapel Gallery exhibition in 2016 and then last year at the Tate at his performance piece The Head and The Load. I can still conjure up the colours and the sounds of the latter without any effort at all. If I ever have a big lottery win (and I have had the same numbers entered twice weekly since 1997 without success!) one of his tapestries is at the top of my shopping list.

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